I Still Love You Idiot !

Boyfriend: You're an idiot.
Girlfriend: Huh?
Boyfriend: I said you're an idiot.
Girlfriend: Why so sudden?
Boyfriend: Just sayin'.
Girlfriend: Tell me! *starts to cry*.
Boyfriend: You're a bitch, seriously. One of the most idiotic beings that I know.
Girlfriend: But.. why? *tears rollin' down her cheeks*.
Boyfriend: ....
Girlfriend: If i'm that bad for you, let me go. ;'(
Boyfriend: Look. You are an idiot.
Girlfriend: *Cries*.
Boyfriend.: Wanna know the reason? You're an idiot cause you chose me. I'm not sweet, i'm not romantic. I'm not handsome, and you chose me. And guess what, in my eyes you are the prettiest, sweetest, adorable and so much more; which is a contradiction to me. But you still chose me, and you're an idiot. It's unfair for you, but you still want me. I'm sorry I can't be the best for you, but I promise I'll love you, and if God is willing, we'll get married and have beautiful babies. You're an idiot, and I love you for that.
Me: Bro, you're a mean guy, but you're a badass.
Boyfriend: Love can turn even the wildest guys into the most gentle people you know.
Girlfriend: :')

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