Fall In Love Again ?

Yes , I miss u back ! I love you ! I regret coz I let you go . I regret coz I forced you to let me go . I love you so much . But ego sy terlalu kuat sehingga sy buta mnilai erti kasih syg yg sbnr .  Sy lebih menyayangi orang yg mungkin saya takkan dpt dan mmg takkan dpt . Andai sy dpt org tersebut punn , sy hnya mncintai diri sy dan bukan dia . Kdg-2 cinta tidak memerlukan perkenalan yg pnjg bukan ? Sy sygkn awak . Sy rindukan awak . Now I know how the feels of missing . But I don't wanna to come in your hug back . Coz I shy . Saya malu dgn diri sy sendiri . Saya malu dgn perasaan sy . Sy malu dgn sikap trburu-2 sy . Saya amat malu . Lebih baik kita jadi camnih je kan . And ... i don't wanna to make friend with you . Coz ... I don't wanna to remember you in my heart

Maybe it's the way you grab my hand and hold it or the way you kiss me or maybe it's the way you let me put my arms around you . Maybe it's the way you look at me and your smile just makes me melt . Maybe it's the way we can talk for hours about absolutely nothing but I still feel like I just had the best conservation of my whole life . Maybe it's the way that I want to break down and cry  when I think about how you hold me up on a pedestal . Maybe that's it , that makes me wanna you so much .

Sometimes we can fall in love with someone for all the wrong reasons and still love them even after all the heartache because most of the time , we can't pick who we love . And even though we know we shouldn't love them , we do and always will because there are just some people in our lives who will get to us for reasons we can't explain , even when they shouldn't
 If I get you back baby , I will not let you go and I beg to you that don't let me go . Please ! ILYSM ! So , kita tunggu je lahh ye . Wait and go on :')

If I didn't have you and without you , I wouldn't be able to live . My heart still flutters . When I see you , I tremble . Even though I want to pretend like I don't know , you can see the desire in my eyes . I can't breathe , I 'm becoming sad . My illness is getting worse , it's hurting . It's because I like you so much . That's right , my heart wants you ! My only honey , honey , honey . You have to turn around honey , honey , honey . I've always wanted you and you only . Oh baby honey , honey , honey . My heart's honey , honey , honey . I'm sincerely looking at you and only you . Hey baby my little honey , came from heaven right here to save me . One touch that's all it takes completes with you , no regrets . I need you by my side , I'll love you long through day and night . Deep inside I know you're mine , no more word kiss me goodnight . It's because I like you too much that I turned into a fool . I only look at you and only you . That's right my heart only wants you ! I Love You

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